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Many people always wonder what type of gear someone with a camera has…. Well, for me it’s simple. I shoot Canon. Why some ask, well simple answer; it’s what I have always shot growing up so why not. Truth is, be it Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, etc… they are all great brands but each has their own glories and blemishes. For me the deciding factor was the ergonomics of the Canon bodies. How they fit in my hand, the layout of the buttons, menu controls, and other things along those lines are what made me stick with Canon when moving into the digital age.

So what do I have:

Camera Bodies:

Canon EOS 1D mark IV – This is my go to action body.  This camera blows the 1D mark III out of the water in so many aspects.  This is my go to body for anything that I need 10fps for like wildlife or sports.

Canon EOS 1D mark III – This used mostly just for sports as they shoot an amazing 10fps. The biggest limitation to them is you never wanna shoot over 1600 ISO.  This body has become my 2nd body that typically is equipped with the 70-200 during sporting events.

Canon EOS 5D mark II – This is my everyday go to body. The FF 21mp (with video) makes for an amazing body. I often use this in sports as well for those good wide angle shots


Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L – This is a great ultra wide angle lens that I have taken around the world and back.

Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS – This is a great everyday walking around lens on the 5D2 and is very sharp

Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L – This has become my everyday lens. Mounted on an un-gripped 5D2 it’s still greatly balanced and with it as sharp as it is, shooting at 1.2 is not a problem.

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS Macro – I don’t due much macro work but for a 100mm prime this lens is so sharp I usually have to unshapen the image in post. A great portrait head shot lens

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II – I carry the second version with IS copy of this lens and have to say for a short telephoto it produces images that are tack sharp

Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS – my pride and joy, extremely sharp and fast AF this lens is my always go to for all sports and wildlife.


Canon ST-E2 Speedlite Transmitter – This little guy allows me to trigger my Canon 430EX II flashes remotely by means of infrared signal.  This allows for off camera flash work that proves great for different situations.  It’s a bit limiting in terms of range and because it uses infrared the receiver portion of the flash has to be facing the camera.  This is however a much cheaper solution than wireless triggers for those on a budget.

Canon 430EX II – not Canon’s best made flash but for the price you can’t pass it up. The 580EX II is much better but I love my 430

Giottos MTL9360B Tripod – I use this for anytime I need a tripod be it wildlife or local shoots

Benro A0580F Tripod – Lighter than the Giottos but just as good this little Benro is my go to travel tripod for trips and adventures

Black Rapid Double Strap – Best camera strap system I have owned. You can carry 2 bodies at once with the weight balanced or just one across the chest where it doesn’t pull down on your neck.

Cowboys Studio Timer Remote – Not a name brand but this thing is no cheap plastic. I use it for timed long exposures and shooting time-laps videos

Pelican 1560 case – When it comes to protecting your gear nothing says protection like a Pelican case. This thing houses all my gear listed above with still room to go. I also have the Pelican 1569 lid organizer for storage of the little things like memory cards and batteries, etc…

Tenba Large Messenger Bag – Probably the best everyday walking around bag I have ever bad. It fits a 15″ Macbook Pro, a body and 2-3 lenses. I use this bag when I go offshore for work and can fit my 5D2, 24-105, 70-300, 17-35, charger, batteries, 430EX flash, and power cables. It’s a messenger style bag so you can carry on one shoulder or across the chest. Review found here.

Photogenic – StudioMax III Monolight – A great set of inexpensive lights for portraits or whatever you might need some lighting for [For Sale]

So there ya have it. A list of what’s in my bag. The real thing to understand is that the gear does not make a photograph great, it’s the photographer. If you do not know how to use the gear properly and to its fullest you’ll never get great images that stand out for themselves and don’t just look like snap shots.

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