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Houston Dynamo Win! 1:0 over DC United

Today at 4pm CST (16:00 hrs) the whistle was blown and the game started.  Houston Dynamo played host to D.C. United for their first home game of the season.  The road to this point has been one of wins, ties, and losses all played on the road away from their beloved fans.  What was so special about today then…

Houston Dynamo Stadium

It was the season opener for the Dynamo’s new very own stadium.  A place the Dynamo can call home and make a firm true footprint in the Houston sports community.  Winning the MLS Cup in their first two season in Houston and making it to the MLS Cup finals last season shows that the Dynamo have the skill and ability to win.  Houston sport fans are some of the loudest, and toughest supporters of their teams.  They will truly let the teams know when they are happy and not.  Today however, was nothing but excitement.

The first half of the match was dominated by Union controlling the ball and pushing the defensive back four of the Dynamo hard.  It wasn’t till the 2nd half tho that the table turned and Dynamo’s own Brad Davis delivered a beautiful ball ending up in the back of the net.  This loan goal wound up being the winning goal of the match giving the Dynamo a 1:0 victory over D.C. Union.

Dynamo #11 Brad Davis celebrates after what became the game winning goal in the 2nd half.

The next home game will be this Tuesday, May 15th as the Dynamo host Portland Timbers. Come out and show your support and Dynamo spirit.

For the full collection of images from this exciting match please CLICK HERE

Wildlife outside Houston

So this past weekend (Sunday) a friend of mine and her visiting cousin took a trip to Brazos Bend State Park.  The park is located off FM 762 about 30 min south of Sugar Land or an hour south of Cypress (where I hold up).  So we took off early about 6am as to get there when the park opened at 7am and to try and beat some of the heat (ya didn’t happen there).  This park is a great place to visit to take pictures of birds and alligators,  however, I strongly believe that the activity this late in the summer is lacking compared to the spring migration time (March/ April).  There was still some birds on the water to photograph and I have included a few examples below but overall it was a lacking day.

So, if you wanna photograph birds and are in the Houston area, Brazos Bend State Park is a great place to start.  The best times are when the park first opens (or before if you have a pass and on the early guest list) or about an hour or so before sunset.  These seem the best times and when birds are most active.  If you are into macro and like taking pictures of the little crawlers, there are great fields to wade through.  Bugs seem to be best to photograph in the morning or on cool days as they don’t move as quick.

So go check it out and be sure to bring your camera.  It’s a great place to go to get out of the city and easily a day or 1/2 day or even less of a trip from Houston.

You can find my full collection of Brazos Bend State Park photos on my site or by clicking HERE. You can also order unmarked prints if interested through my site as well.  Enjoy cheers.

Get’n Muddy

Wasn’t a photography trip but as always took the camera along with me and a buddy and I took some pics.  Took the Jeep off-road’n today at a nice place just north of Houston. Was a great trip to finally get the Jeep back out on the trails and have some fun playing in the mud.  I’ve attached below just a few pictures from the trip.  Not many were taken as the trip was cut short when I broke one of my fuel lines.  Got the Jeep home okay after towing it with two tow straps and a family members truck.  Time to fix her up stronger and get back out there.  I mounted up a tripod inside my cab and shot some video from the 5D2 and will be processing that in the upcoming week.  Not really accustom to post editing video so it’ll be fun learning and tackling this.   Enjoy.

Mighty Duo (Photo by: Chris Beveridge)

Posing (Photo by: Chris Beveridge)

Life Line (Photo by: Daron Cole)



In action

As a photographer we always find ourselves behind the viewfinder and never really in front of the lens.  One of the hardest things for a photographer (at least in my case) is to take or even accept a picture of ourselves being taken.  This leads to some interesting things.

We have loads of photographs of other people from all over the world or where ever we have been.  Thousands upon thousands of files that have nothing to due with the person take the photo.  There’s why it’s always fun to stand back and take a photo of a photographer working, trying to capture that moment and freeze it in time.  When out and about photographers can be seen doing all kinds of crazy things just trying and looking for that perfect spot to capture the beauty of the world around them.

A while ago (couple months) I went out to the Bolivar Flats with another photographer to shoot the birds along the coast line.  Little did I know that wail crawling along the ground trying to sneak up on some birds to photographer I was actually the subject of a photograph.  I always do enjoy these as you really get a since in what a photographer will really do just to get that one image.  I know I have done some crazy things.

Photographer in Action (Photo by: Andrew (Cerbera LM @ TPF))

Hello World

For the first post on a blog site I figured I would start with something about myself.  I moved back to Houston last year after completing my degree in Geology.  Over the past few months my passion for photography has really grown and I have had the opportunity to shoot with some of the best sports photographers known at the Houston Dynamo games along the pitch.  These opportunities have become a great experience and I find them very enjoyable and educational to be able to learn from some of the best out there.

I will be posting up clips of my work and the adventures they illustrate here.   As a career geologist photography is not my profession but a passionate hobby and I look forward to sharing both my geological and photographic adventures.

For those wondering, my main area of interest is sports, wildlife, and landscape photography.  Capturing that moment and freezing it is just a great thing.

My first main update will come later tonight when I update with pictures on my gallery (Here) from last nights MLS Houston Dynamo vs. EPL Bolton Wanderers game.  Was a great experience to see these two teams face off in an international friendly.