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Get’n Muddy

Wasn’t a photography trip but as always took the camera along with me and a buddy and I took some pics.  Took the Jeep off-road’n today at a nice place just north of Houston. Was a great trip to finally get the Jeep back out on the trails and have some fun playing in the mud.  I’ve attached below just a few pictures from the trip.  Not many were taken as the trip was cut short when I broke one of my fuel lines.  Got the Jeep home okay after towing it with two tow straps and a family members truck.  Time to fix her up stronger and get back out there.  I mounted up a tripod inside my cab and shot some video from the 5D2 and will be processing that in the upcoming week.  Not really accustom to post editing video so it’ll be fun learning and tackling this.   Enjoy.

Mighty Duo (Photo by: Chris Beveridge)

Posing (Photo by: Chris Beveridge)

Life Line (Photo by: Daron Cole)




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