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creativeLIVE Workshops

For those that don’t know creativeLIVE hosts workshops via web broadcast from their Seattle stupid on all different types of digital media topics.  The workshops are free to view life via their webcast through their website  I personally have found many of their workshops to be very educational and helpful in different aspects of the digital arts.  Just earlier this month they had the Director of Photography for the FOX hit House M.D. on to talk about and teach how they have been using the Canon 5D Mark II to shoot the show.  For me it opened my eyes and mind to an area I had no knowledge about before and now know many of the basics to produce simple clips.  Even if you miss the workshop they allow you to purchase them for a very reasonable price ($50-100 usually).  A great price in my opinion for the detail and information you get.

What sparked this post is that upcoming in September (20th – 23rd) Lesa Snider will be doing a 4 day Adobe CS5 workshop.  This is a great opportunity for those that don’t know a lot about the ins and outs of this program or those that do and just wanna learn more.

Just so everyone knows I do not represent, work for, speak for, gain benefits from, or am affiliated with in any way, creativeLIVE.  I am just passing on a great site that I feel can teach a lot of useful information for a great price (FREE).


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