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Houston Dynamo Girls

2011 Houston Dynamo Girls

So last night I got the privilege to cover for one of the photographers for the Dynamo Girls.  I must say, it really made a difference talking and meeting with many of them.  A lot of people believe outside that the dancers for professional sports teams are just stuck up beauties. However, this is as far from the truth when it comes to these wonderful ladies.  Not only are they accepting to outsiders they show loads of support for their team and the fans.  They have the upmost respect for other and are not even full time dancers.  Many of them have jobs outside of the Dynamo world and some even finishing up school to be successful personal in the world.

All I have to say is it was a pleasure to shoot for these ladies and meet some of them.  For all the fans that are shy to go up and say hi to them don’t be.  They seem to enjoy interacting with the fans knowing that the support of the Dynamos we all have in common.

Find all my images from this exciting game at my gallery by clicking HERE


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