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Hello World

For the first post on a blog site I figured I would start with something about myself.  I moved back to Houston last year after completing my degree in Geology.  Over the past few months my passion for photography has really grown and I have had the opportunity to shoot with some of the best sports photographers known at the Houston Dynamo games along the pitch.  These opportunities have become a great experience and I find them very enjoyable and educational to be able to learn from some of the best out there.

I will be posting up clips of my work and the adventures they illustrate here.   As a career geologist photography is not my profession but a passionate hobby and I look forward to sharing both my geological and photographic adventures.

For those wondering, my main area of interest is sports, wildlife, and landscape photography.  Capturing that moment and freezing it is just a great thing.

My first main update will come later tonight when I update with pictures on my gallery (Here) from last nights MLS Houston Dynamo vs. EPL Bolton Wanderers game.  Was a great experience to see these two teams face off in an international friendly.


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